30 Poems of April ’09

NPmMy first experience with National Poetry Month.

If browsing, I highly recommend you work backwards. The poems get more interesting (and better) as the month moves along.

April 1.      What Remains
April 2.      It’s Been a Year
April 3.      The Trouble with Grief
April 4.      Dog
April 5.      Egg Blue Sky
April 6.      Void
April 7.      Before Sleep
April 8.      Ode to Artemis
April 9.      The Puppeteer
April 10.    The Day Before Saturday
April 11.     Sideswiped by God
April 12.     Shouting Fierce and Free
April 13.     tiny blooms
April 14.     Leaving
April 15.     Wild Hair
April 16.     Inspired by Aqua
April 17.     All I Want
April 18.     Rondeau – Bedtime
April 19.     Unstoppable
April 20.    The Day before Yom HaShoah
April 21.     Student’s Prayer
April 22.     Lavender Gloves
April 23.     Limerick – Regrets
April 24.     In Futureworld
April 25.     Outlier’s Prom
April 26.     Smiley Face
April 27.    Center Lane
April 28.    Haiku for Sestina
April 29.    Seasoned Broth
April 30.    Soon

P. S. There are now 30 Poems of November ’09 and 30 Poems of April ’10, and many other random offerings. So please browse!

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