About Pamela Villars

pv-stella1I live in Austin, Texas, with Stella (a neurotic border collie mix) and Junior (a wild young pup formerly known as Tails) and aspire to be the female Dog Whisperer. I also whisper my adult daughter whenever I can.

I’ve been writing creatively for about three years (with a recent 18 month hiatus): poetry, short stories and memoir. (Musings of the Newly Hatched was the first incarnation of this blog.) Luck has been with me – I’ve been published in you are here: the journal of creative geography, Integral Yoga Magazine, Tiny Lights Flash in the Pan, Drash Pit, Scalped Magazine, Wanderings Magazine and Literary Mama. On the way, I’ve learned a tiny bit about the struggle to stay motivated – including how important it is to give yourself a break – how to be patient with your learning, and to remember to enjoy. And that means if you don’t feel like writing, stop, and enjoy not writing.

I’m an old bird related to psychology, social service and mental health, single parenting, and exploring world religions.

Here, I’m sharing (or did in the past) writing resources I find helpful, some of my work, more of my angst, helpful hints. I’m learning about this whole creativity thing and…the rest is up to you. Your suggestions, comments and creativity drive the mix.

A warning to my readers: as of April 09, I’ve fallen hard for poetry. And I’m still figuring out who I am.

Oh, and if you live in the Austin area and need a minister, I can help. Go to Joyful Ceremonies; I offer interfaith, non-denominational, and civil ceremonies, uniquely designed, of course.

~ Pamela

To contact: pvillars(at)earthlink.net


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