Queen of Film Noir (April 9, 2013)

April 9, 2013 § Leave a comment

imagesCAK3AQQEI am struggling. It’s clear that writing poetry is like using a muscle, and atrophy has set in. I’m embarrassed, but have committed to finishing the month (I hope!), so please bear with me.

Today’s prompt (can I blame the recent prompts, please?) was to be inspired by film noir. I wasn’t. But I am grateful for the prompts, now that I have settled down and thought about it. It’s not their fault that my muse is paralyzed.

Queen of Film Noir

I’m born of film noir in the land of grays and shadow.
I wear a broad-brimmed hat with drapes of lust and lace.
My suitors smoke and wink and shine their mirrored shoes.
“A gun?” I ask them poutingly. “You can’t be serious,”
and, “Of course, he’s mean to me.” So sad,
their lack of sense and care, driven by yes, I want her, yes!
Go, gentlemen, to where you must abide – land of shadows, cells, and night.


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