Pamela’s Sea Shanty (April 3, 2013)

April 3, 2013 § 3 Comments

lighthouseI groaned when I read today’s prompt from  What the heck is a sea shanty? I’m a city girl — I dabble in country — and gave up the sea at 23 when I moved to Texas. But the definition twisted my thinking: a song that was once commonly sung to accompany labor on large ships.

Song means I can rhyme and use a standard meter. Labor? I can complain about my plight. This can I do. And it was fun.

Pamela’s Sea Shanty

It’s heave and hoe ‘till the sun does set,
then on and on ‘till our beards are wet;
We’re soaked with sweat and lies and pipe,
it’s not yet day and not still night.

The Cap’t grins and wipes his brow,
his sweat’s not ours, it’s clean somehow.
We grunt and slave to feed his kin,
our wives stay home for wet nursin’.

My muscles ache, and stretch, and groan;
no land ahead, no sight of home.
God, what I’d give for a nip of rum,
that damned  Cap’t won’t give me none.

When I git home, it’s bed I’ll take–
sleepin’ first, then kill this ache.
Don’t tell no one, but what I need
is the sweet, sweet arms of Anne Marie.

So on we go, this time a thief
of pounding seas with no relief.
‘Til I die, it’s mine to row,
please watch me, Lord, ‘till I git home.


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