Murmurs and a Goodbye

June 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

I had hoped that writing one piece a month would leave my creative brook fresh and babbling, but nooo. As I described to a friend — while sharing how I used to love National Poetry Month daily prompts — writing is like running: if you don’t do it, the muscles atrophy. So why did I think my creativity would be different? And Drash Pit’s prompt for May was about as open as you can get — counting. (I bet you know where I am heading.) Finally, after being the opposite-of-inspired for several weeks and having hit the 24 hour deadline for submission, I found my muse. I asked myself, “If you were being paid $500 to create a poem by tomorrow, could you do it?” Of course, my answer was a brook-babbling yes! And the phrase “offer me some change” became the opening line for my piece Murmurs.

The second reason to visit Drash Pit is the lush and vivid send-off that Richard Cohen wrote about one of my childhood saviors (I don’t mean that word lightly). Reading was my escape from an often overwhelming reality, and Ray Bradbury walked with me many days and nights. I hope he is resting happily on Mars.


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