March 19, 2012 § 7 Comments

Have you heard about printers that can create three dimensional objects to a precise degree? (This is way beyond my capability to explain so here’s your Wiki link.) With computers, we can create exactly what we want: precisely designed structures and visions, holograms  of our dreams, our perfections. I’ve been taken by the idea of how limited we are in our perceptions when we first meet people and how gradually — if we are present and lucky — they expand into a 360 view. Sometimes the expansion is not what we expected or anticipated; we cannot control it, it is not ours to manifest.   

In Drash Pit, this month’s theme is Appearances, a perfect match.  Read Hologram there.


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§ 7 Responses to Hologram

  • Richard says:

    For all kinds of unsummarizable reasons, this poem reminds me of two quotations from writers who have affected me deeply:
    “Love is the extremely difficult realization that something other than oneself is real. Love…is the discovery of reality.” — Iris Murdoch
    “No two people have ever met.” — Byron Katie

  • neil reid says:

    Pamela, is it not like as a writer letting go of that internal editor (or at least, realistically, turning it down) – how meeting someone we compare them to our own personal ideograms, how they fit or don’t fit, then how we make “sense” of that association – all done by “our” rules rather than by reality from their point of view? When we, rarely, meet someone who asks, who looks inside us – from our point of view, isn’t that an amazing experience – the raw and real experience of seeing and being seen? That’s even more than 3D! :)

  • If you have a desire to read a very cool work partially about 3D printing, check out MAKERS by Cory Doctorow.

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