In Memoriam (for Jason)

September 16, 2011 § 8 Comments

Several months ago, a friend and mentor died:  Jason, who gave me the fodder for Furballs and Stars.



 In Memoriam (for Jason)

You would laugh at me, I know,
Call me silly and naive,
Tell me to bake a pie instead.
You would say you are as inconsequential
As a bug or spout some aphorism
About this life’s impermanence.
But do you know that you are loved?

You who guided others with your open hand,
Carried their weeping bodies on your back,
Soothed their fears with the balms and flutters of your heart,
You have more value than you know.

          (A butterfly, perhaps.) (A brilliant, speckled bird.) 
          (A dragonfly whose pearlescent wings reflect the sky.)

You cannot stop us now. You cannot laugh
us off or tease away our grief.
We insist on missing you.


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