Spider Dance

August 23, 2011 § 9 Comments

While trying to capture a particular experience – at which I was absolutely unsuccessful – this poem came. I love spider imagery. While this one may not make sense to any one but me, I still like it – because it’s mine.


Spider Dance

Some days I walk on spider legs,
     I trip myself with longing

So I fall into a spiral-shell,
     invisible — no, barely seen

Is there spider CPR?
Can you shock me into light?
Into the watermelon dawn?

Breathe into my closing lungs and 
expand my chest? Force my legs
to twitch, make my muscles leap?

Wake me when you build the room that holds the room for me


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§ 9 Responses to Spider Dance

  • What a pleasant surprise of a poem, so happy to see it.

    Magical, wonderful as always, and like Karin, I can relate to it.

  • Karin S. Michaelson says:

    really a nice piece, and something I can relate to at this moment in time.
    take care!

  • neil reid says:

    Been talking to the spiders in my closet lately? Chatty I hear.

    Good! (Oh, am I allowed to say “good”?) (Not to be judgmental.) (About anything.) Good. (Because you tossed another good poem on the fire? Can I say that?) Good, because I adore your voice!

    How’s that?

    And not that I don’t keep my good ear tuned for you. I do.

    • Neil! How are you? I’m so glad you are still around. (And I found some old socks in the corner of your closet that you must have forgotten about … they’re quite snuggly.)

      • neil reid says:

        I’ll take your word about the socks! Brave girl you are.

        Is it possible you think, jet-lag between Seattle and San Jose? I’m just a few hours returned from a two week visit there. Just home and I’ve not even sorted out my bag of bones as yet. But otherwise “fine”.

        And yep, still here, still dancing the dance. (holding a place open for you in the conga line!) Things change but I hope my poems are learning to write themselves better cause I still just feel like me! Writing is my real job (even if it don’t pay!) so I expect here I’ll be and remain. You can come a knocking anytime you want!

        And how are you? Your poems are still a thrill (even unexpected ones). Your lines can still break my heart and mend it in one single stroke! (Like the last line of this poem does.) You do good. (You make me want to write even more.)

        I do hope your job (and what and anything else) is allowing you to have what you want and need. Do spiders have lucky legs?

  • G says:


    A reappearance, however brief, of a fave poet of mine (for there are very few out there that I do enjoy).

    Kewl poem.

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