No Poetry

December 19, 2010 § 9 Comments

For weeks I’ve put off writing this post.

Although my decision is made, my heart is torn and I wonder about its finality. I must take a poetry sabbatical; there’s no room, time, or interest right now.

My life is full with work for the American Cancer Society and J Street Austin, my daughter, friends, dogs, and living in the moment.

More than anything, I miss my on-line friends (that’s you) and your support and insights. I feel guilty about not being here, so I don’t visit you. I hope by announcing my leave, it will seep away so I can drop by again.

I hope this is not permanent, but who knows? Love you all.


§ 9 Responses to No Poetry

  • idlethumbtom says:

    Are you going cold turkey? Will you wake up in fits and sweats in the heat of the night shouting verse… hope not… :)

    P.s. you’re such a beautiful woman – inside and out (you can edit/erase that bit out – if you like!)

  • We are here if and/or when you make a return.

  • Rallentanda says:

    Oh pooh!(just joking )Enjoy yourself and one day it could just come pouring out ( unstoppable )
    I’m not sure if this is such a good thing!
    See ya kiddo.

  • shoutabyss says:

    We know you are out doing great things and things that make you happy. I imagine that when the urge to write hits again, and time permits, then you’ll write again.

    I’ve got a couple of things just bursting inside me that I really want to write, yet every time I sit in front of the computer, somehow I end up doing something else. I hope to really commit to my writing in the new year.

    Miss you!

  • beeha says:

    I can relate completely, and I have left blog life for some time now. I don’t know whether I will come back to it either. No matter. You have shared much with us…and, yes, as one of your friends said above, you ARE a wonderful writer. Write, sing, dance as your words do, but poetry? What greater poem could you write than to help your cancer patients. Best always to you, Pamela. – beeha, 2COB

  • Don’t feel guilty at all Pamela; it’s nice to step away from the internet as a whole for a few months a year if you can, anyway. I’ve been on a mini sabbatical where I only post and comment once a week. I need it for my soul to refill with real life.

    Love you too!

  • neil reid says:

    Your poems were never a requirement of any friendship; they are only a gathering place. Write when you want to write. Poem when you want to poem. This is just one way to express yourself. One of many. As I am only one of the many who appreciate you.

    You’re a fine writer Pamela. It’s fine to write, and fine not. Being you is what’s really fine, above and beneath. My thanks for all you have shared with us. Please do what serves you most. That’s my wish. And what you do now and next (leaving silly doubt aside, please) is always your choice. Write, say hello, just two possibilities included on your plate.

    My personal thanks for making me feel so at home here. ~Neil

  • G says:

    Sometimes life has a way of tapping you on the shoulder to say, “Hey, remember me?”

    Will always enjoy this blog and will always enjoy your postings on Facebook as well.

  • Sorry to hear this. Yours was one of the first blogs I found on WordPress. I’ve missed you. Take care. Rebuild, refresh, renew.

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