You Know Who You Are

November 9, 2010 § 6 Comments

Because It's Pretty...Since I made the “hour” committment to my coach – who clearly has extraordinary patience – I had to look for inspiration this weekend. And I had no excuse not to write because I was on a bus both days, traveling to an unveiling out of town. I expected to find a poem at the ceremony, but instead this one came. You know who you are. I love you, kiddo.

You Know Who You Are

You loll side-by-side tucked tight and feed honey to each other.
Your long handled wooden spoons on public view.  
You stir, he rolls.
He licks, you sigh.

This is what was worth the past –
          the years of wiping noses
          of rising every dawn
          the falling empty on the sword
          of teaching them to drive –
You growled at every threat and bristled at each touch.
You trusted only ducks and cats and greeny growing things.
Not loved. Not loved. Seared into yourself by loneliness.

You are enveloped now: vapor leaks from every pore as heavy scented
      as the alchoholic’s morning after.
No razors penetrate and scraps heal with every touch.
You blink and roll and sigh and dare the morning to arrive.


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