Coaching and Conjoined Twins

September 27, 2010 § 9 Comments

First, let me apologize for being a selfish blogger – I know I have been. I’ve been taking from you (if you’re reading this) and not giving back. It’s that peculiar form of narcissism that happens when one is worn out and confused – and you know I am. So really, I am sorry. But I am still in slightly selfish mode as I sort though my stuff.

Today my coach asked me to take on an assignment: spend 15 minutes each morning (bright and early) to “work on my writing.” Not write, but work on writing in other ways with no specific goal in mind. I think it’s a good assignment, experimenting with no specific outcome in mind.

But oddly, this same day, I got an outcome. In the mail arrived my first in-print poem in a small journal. It has a bison on the front cover, which has been one of my reoccuring totems.

I feel like the universe has sent me conjoined twins. When you receive mixed messages, which do you let in? Or do you house them both?


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§ 9 Responses to Coaching and Conjoined Twins

  • rallentanda says:

    So Miss De Ville..This is not a mixed message…Straightforward Sheila that I am..Are you up for a 100 word wordle? Only one prize..
    DVD ” Under Milkwood “..Richard Burton,Peter O’Toole, Elizabeth Taylor.

  • neil reid says:

    Dear Pamela (the letter begins),

    When you take on a coach (teacher, whatever) do what they politely suggest (and the things they don’t, don’t do those). Easy-pesy! (Really. Although you never know when I might exaggerate!)

    When you get something from life (a poem in a book, and yes, books are paper, or chocolate cake) just say thank you and take it (in good grace).

    (Short letter ends.) (Long time admirer continues on.)

    And of course. I went. I read (paperless yet). Your poem.
    Wonderful. No surprise! (does that count?)

    (Should I doubt myself?) :)

  • 25BAR says:


  • How much fun to find that in the mail. Exciting.

    You mentioned dedicating 15 minutes in the morning to your writing. Reminded me I’ve let my daily journal take up a resting place for too long. Need to get back in the habit. Scary that I’ve let that go.

    Congrats on the publication. I love buffalo.

    • Buffalo are magical, aren’t they, Julie? It surprised me how hard it was to create 15 minutes of quiet time first thing. When I did my daily early am writing years ago, I ended up writing a book, which surprised me.

      Let me know how it goes if you start again.

  • Laurie says:

    Well, I look at things from a most likely vastly different pov than you, but perhaps the poetry journal represents solid, visual proof that you are valid, that you do have things to say and have shown so in the past – and now is the time to focus on your future. When you start to feel doubt, look at that lovely journal and remind yourself that you’ve only just begun to tap the well of creativity. *hug* I know you don’t know me, but – well. You have a mental hug. throw it in the lake if it helps. :) I’m really happy you got the journal, though. I hope someday someone finds me worthy of reading enough for something like that. Have faith in yourself.

    • Thanks, Laurie. I think that’s why I feel happy about it being in print (although I feel guilty about the paper). It feels like a legacy – a small one, but one nonetheless. Proof, as you said. :-)

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