Really? Creativity Coaching?

September 11, 2010 § 12 Comments

It’s gotten bad. So bad that I feel guilty reading other people’s blogs because I’m not writing here in mine. It’s the same “If I’m not studying when I should be, then I can’t have any fun even though I’m not studying,” that I put myself through whenever I am procrastinating on something. Sigh.

But I hadn’t totally given up. About a month ago, I applied to be a coachee for Eric Maisel’s Creativity Coaching course. So, someone learning to coach gets to coach volunteers. I’m a coach at my work, so I know how powerful it can be.

And the email came yesterday. I can tell how strong my resistance to fixing this is by my response: Damn, I wish I hadn’t been picked, I don’t want to do this.  

But I’m not a quitter and I will do it and hope for the best. And thanks in advance, coach, for bearing with me.

Dear _________,

Thanks so much for choosing me to coach. Already it’s working – to answer this email made me sort some things out.

A tiny bit of background that’s relevant is that I have spent time in a number of creative arts. I sang and acting in college and after, spent some time making jewelry, have taken painting classes (this I am not good at at all) and three to four years ago started to learn to write. There have been years at a time when I was not doing something artistically creative (I also create at work, but not in the way we are discussing) and during those times I felt lost.

So after beginning to write, about two years ago, I started a blog and began writing poetry which I loved. Here’s the current dilemma: I began writing with a goal of being published and I have been – not much and nothing significant – and have had lots of nice feedback from my blog readers. But I’m not feeling that driving desire to be published or be read by others the past several months and so the energy that has fueled me is gone. That coincides with the realization that I have worked through a lot of angst in my poetry (which is great) but that was fuel too. So the tank is dry.

I want to have an ongoing relationship with writing and want to reconnect with it in a meaningful, long-lasting way, and in a way that doesn’t make me feel guilty or bad if I don’t do it.

I may use some of our coaching in my blog – without your name, of course –  to keep it active and to help me process. Please let me know if that’s not something you recommend. 

Thanks for your help. I’m looking forward to working with you.



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§ 12 Responses to Really? Creativity Coaching?

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  • Laurie says:

    Honestly I think realizing that – that you don’t want your inspiration to always be personal pain – is one of the hardest parts. Getting over it though…that shows something inside yourself, doesn’t it..? Good luck. Been trying to get through it myself, and – it’s hard, but your work is wonderful.

    • Laurie, thank you so much. You are struggling with this, too? What have you learned? Wanna share? :-)

      • Laurie says:

        Lol I’m always struggling with it. Master procrastinator R I….That rhymes. (sort of.)
        Anyway… my best method so far is in not giving up, not the getting started part. Don’t know how much help it’ll be for you…:P But. I’ve found if I go away from puter, to either living room or public library (extreme reaction!), I focus more intently. Librarys best simply b/c it removes the distractions, but living room means I get cleaning done intermittantly. I like being able to look up and see all the books around me, though…. it’s nice. Mind, the crying kids..? heh.

        For blogging…honestly I’ve been sticking to very personal – and in the end uninteresting – blog topics lately, b/c my mind is circling them like an eager shark.. Depression etc. Not a lot really creative. So…yeah. not so much help unless you can take the remove the distractions idea…
        I hope the coaching helps, though. You’ve got something worth saying, and i don’t think that can really be denied.

        • Laurie says:

          Oh. For avoiding the trap of seeking depression for inspiration? (hint it’s a major difficulty for me..) A lot of the time certain phrases in books will echo in my head while i’m reading them, then suddenly I have a half written poem.. It’s keeping an eye out for that unique word that makes you feel something, or that image in a music video that just begs to be expanded. Hit enter too quick, I’m sorry.

  • inscrutably beautiful:
    the complexity of the creative person
    that is you

    go forth,
    be and do

  • Jane Hardin says:

    I admire your taking this step, Pamela. Many of us enjoy your writing on a regular basis, and are pulling for you to get past this hump.

  • i’m looking forward to following your creative journey! asking for help, change and all of that jazz– hard, hard and more hard, right? good for you for “jumping in!” :)

  • G says:

    Sometimes asking for help is the toughest thing a person can do, no matter whether its related to creativity or not. Kudos for you and I’m sure in the long run, he/she will help you overcome whatever block you’re going through.

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