Rabbit, Rabbit, Rab

September 1, 2010 § 2 Comments

Several years ago, my sister told me the lucky way to start a new month is to speak certain words on the first day of the new month – before you say anything else. Rabbit, rabbit. Let’s not discuss the challenge of remembering, especially with living creatures in the house and a tendency to trip and curse in the early morning. Or even keeping track of the date after waking from a restless dream-filled night.

At some point, my daughter and I morphed Rabbit, Rabbit into Rabbit, Rabbit, Rab, and this morning I remembered.  The point? Well, maybe it’s not luck and I knew it was coming, but today one of my poems was published in the online journal Halfway Down the Stairs.

Beginnings and Endings is their theme this month and they picked one of my (and my mother’s) favorite poems On Preparations for the End of the World.

Happy September!


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