Instructions #2: Instructions Upon My Passing

August 8, 2010 § 10 Comments

As promised and inspired by Dead Advice, although not in the same vein:

Instructions Upon My Passing

Now that I am dead, there’s something you must do.
Trim your ruby fingernails.
String the crescent tips across the headboard of our bed.
Ignore your lover’s pleas and do not scratch his muscled back.
Take your lips and taste his grief.
Use its bitterness to fill your heart.
Feel my death bind your feet, so I may walk away.


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§ 10 Responses to Instructions #2: Instructions Upon My Passing

  • Jimmy Zasowski says:

    II read this to a friend over the phone….

    pause, she whispers: “Read it again”
    No longer is it a message from someone else
    The words adopt me as my own
    I feel it’s me pulling away from that sad, lush scene,
    the senses seeing, hearing touching, moving denied one by one
    + walk toward the void that’s been waiting
    and the hows of filling the void that’s left behind

    Do this for yourself
    Read this poem aloud to your friend or lover.

    Her voice on the line: finally replies oh, wow

  • Jennifer says:

    Really, really liked this, Pamela. It just thrills me to see words knitted together to create an unexpected feeling. SO good.

  • Lawrence C says:

    This is just excellent, a whole unto itself.

  • neil reid says:

    Scott said it pretty well. This poem is on the upper bunk at the least. And yes, your feelings speak louder than your rational words (meaning no judgment by that at all). I feel that way a lot reading your poems Pamela. (Actually it is a quality I much appreciate!) Yet there’s also this third… only partly meaning, what more is there yet unsaid or waiting to become?, and I feel this thirst of response after reading too. Like petting the favorite house cat to set all her hair in right-some place. Just a subtle thing. (But usually it just comes out as odd comments like this!) :)

    There is closeness and distance and touch (an intimate sense) in so much of what you write, just like this poem here. And resonance… You write good, you do.

  • This is one of my favorites Pamela. I can’t claim to understand it totally, but I felt it completely.

  • Abby says:

    It feels very sad.

  • Beautiful and powerful… the crescent tips across the headboard really struck me for some reason.

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