Facebook Challenge: Furballs and Stars

August 1, 2010 § 13 Comments

In response to the Facebook challenge from my dear, irreverent friend, Jason. 

To catch you up, I was complaining about cleaning and wondering if the dog hair clumps as big as tumbleweeds counted as filth (I guess you had to be there). Later I posted this amazing link. Jason’s response? How about writing a poem about the myriad of stars and fur balls as seen by the Dalai Lama?

OK, you got it.

His Holiness wakes and stirs. He waves
aside more sleep – he needs so little now –
stretches, and dips his toes into the softly pelted
bedside rug. No waste for him or his devotees;

His feet are warmed by dust and ancient fur
and nests of wandering mice. He shuffles
slowly to not disturb their rest and
parts the nearby window’s gauze.

His Holiness greets the moon with
a Mona Lisa smile; his eyes reflect
the galaxies, the sky’s refection of the
sea. And this he says: Nothing.


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