A Quail’s Egg I Lay at Your Feet

July 14, 2010 § 13 Comments

Moved is not the word, but I have no better one. This weekend, my nephew and now niece were married at the Quail Hollow Ranch in Felton, CA. Blue quail eggs rested on the tables and feathers on the cake. The ceremony referenced love, of course, faith, and devotion, and yet nothing quite captured the feeling they had for each other. Palpable, ripply, intense.

And although they are a modern couple (I’ve never seen a wedding party dance to Baby Got Back or heard a bride call for her bitches before), their glowing courtship had an antique feel, timeless. I tried to capture this essence below.  I imagine these as the vows they might have made to each other in times past.

A Quail’s Egg I Lay at Your Feet

A quail’s egg I lay at your feet
So you may see the sky with every step.
Here, wear these socks of petal down to pad your toes.
Your nest is in my heart. Let my steady beat rock you to sleep
Safe in these boughs of devotion.

I tiptoe on your ledge – your craggy peak —
To watch the eagles fly.
Please tether me. Wrap me in your warmth so I may soar
Without regret. See, our wings expand, we rise and fall
And breathe the sun as one.


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