Who Isn’t a Writer, Anyway?

July 9, 2010 § 6 Comments

Today, I submitted a letter of intent to be a Board member for the Chicago theatre troupe Nothing Without a Company. My niece and niecette need help writing grants and I’ve always wanted to be on a non-profit board. In writing my intent-tions, I discussed my writing experience in business and creative enterprises.

And it got me thinking: who isn’t a writer? I’ve been writing since I could write, right? (Sorry, I’m a bit loopy due to a flu-like virus.) In kindergarten or first grade, letters formed words that went on paper in a certain order. Writing. Sentences to paragraphs to essays to term papers…

Here’s what I have written in the past two months:

– Dozens of emails
– Training materials
– Business proposals
– A wedding ceremony
Blog posts here and for my company’s blog
A 12 step program
– Snail mail letters and cards
– Checks
– Comments on other blogs
– Captions
FB statuses

And now, I may be writing grants.

Think about all the writing you do in the course of your days and don’t label it. I bet most of you have written many of these and more. Aren’t you a writer? Maybe we simply specialize. I’m feeling a lot like a generalist these days, but I can say straight out – yep, I’m a writer.

Are you?


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§ 6 Responses to Who Isn’t a Writer, Anyway?

  • Frank Mazzini says:


    Have you noticed that Julie (A collection of Perceptions) has dissapeared? I follow her work/play (I know work is a 4 letter word in her mind) ? Someone else Blogged on her site and I am somewhat curious if not concerned.

    I have known her for many years and have actually seen her best “works” that she has yet to share with the rest of the world.

    Please do not critique my words, I am a semi-literate construction worker (When I am not teaching Julie to Shoot Pool).


    • Hey, Frank, no critiquing ever.

      Was it just today that you can’t find her? Sometimes WordPress glitches and blog urls disappear and come back later. This happened to me last night with this blog.

  • I write at work (technical writing to be sure) and I do some writing for other venues, so, so yes, I guess I am a writer too.

  • neil reid says:

    Funny (delightful) you! But there are many you know who don’t at all. (And of course, neither will they be reading this!) I suspect someone said (or implied) they have nothing to say, or do it “wrong”, and mistakenly, they believed.

    My family had more to do with painting than words, but somehow that’s fallen to me. Reading begins, then response, a desire grows. And mostly, I’d rather write than speak. (Is that a fault?)

    Congratulations on your Poets for Living Waters feature poems too! (The Pelican I especially like.)

  • G says:

    Definitely a writer at work, one with a built in editor (my supervisor) because unleashing the real me on my co-workers can be fraught with danger.

  • Abby says:

    That’s an impressive list.

    I’ve done the writing grants thing and it seems as if more may be in my future. *sigh* Blog posts, website stuff, poetry, comments on other blogs, fb statuses, tweets….

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