The Muse Awakes…for Love

June 26, 2010 § 13 Comments

I wrote today (thank you, O Muse). I wrote for family and love.

Lately, the Goddess of Procrastination had moved in – she’s quite demanding and insists on filling my days with…doing nothing.  Not just no writing, but no everything: no laundry, no unpacking from my last two trips, no mowing the grass that is falling over from its own height, and no ceremony for the wedding that is now two weeks away. For the past three weekends, I made a mental list: laundry, unpacking, mowing, ceremony…and accomplished none. What I did manage to do is to start running again in the Austin heat, which I’m proud of, and uh…nothing else.

But today, yes, today, she moved out! I ran and biked (the biking is with the dogs), I mowed until the weed eater died, suitcases are back in the spare room, and my closet and drawers are fragrant with fresh scents. But the best if all is the writing. (I’m the wedding officiant and promised to write the ceremony.) What seemed impossible these last weeks flowed today, and the initial response from my nephew and soon-to-be niecette is a good one.

So, my Muse likes romance and running, and dislikes the Goddess of Procrastination.  What about yours?


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§ 13 Responses to The Muse Awakes…for Love

  • So if we had a muse party, the house would be clean and the lawn mowed, there would be cereal and milk, chocolate, travel videos, GPS, dancing and meditation, WII Fit, mood stabilizers, to do lists, and allergy meds.

    Interesting crowd. :-)

  • Glad to hear you discovered what pleases your muse.

    My muse likes gardening. Unfortunately, my allergies do not. And my muse loves silence, which is is short supply at my house right now. I do expect great things from her when life gets back to normal around here.

  • My muse is, well, let’s just say she’s complicated, but I definitely get more from her after I get a few things done. Ummm.

  • G says:

    Mine comes and goes, but it comes and goes in different ways. Depending on her mood (for my muse is a she), she will either visit me for creating gobs of blog posts and zippo for writing, or zippo for blog posts and gobs of words/thoughts for plots for writing.

  • Exercise is my first defense against laziness. Usually…usually, after I exercise I begin to feel energetic and positive again. Great job getting back on track!

  • neil reid says:

    Movement is good. Body and emotions (feelings… you choose) they go together. Move one, and the other goes along. Doing the things you said you would (including, just to yourself) that counts too.

    Muse? None. Don’t so much like putting my writing “outside” of me. Don’t mean I don’t feel dry sometimes (like now) but still, ultimately – write, don’t write. (Take what result you get.) (No fair beating yourself up when you’re not writing.) Don’t mean I like it either, not writing, but the only resolution I yet know – just write (even if you don’t like it). Last poem I wrote that people really responded to, I almost wasn’t going to write at all. It was just a little gust of wind that turned into words – some feelings found a thread, turned into something real and genuine. People responded (and I understand why). But sure couldn’t have predicted it.

    I suspect at least a part of who you are Pamela is being a writer. I don’t really know. Only you do. But I read and you do have a definite capacity for expressing yourself. And I think what moves you to ANY clearer sense of yourself, will also be closer words – and I think you will feel more true within yourself doing what is in you to do. (Look! Worthless advice!) I almost thing there should be a category of writing called, “what I write when I don’t want to write or what to say”. Think of it as going for a walk or run.

    I just did a sort of weekend retreat, didn’t feel so solid about being there, and probably the best thing I wrote was about that feeling of “not wanting”! So what. Hard to choose what isn’t there! Easier to choose what is. Part of writing is a readiness for unexpected words.

    I’d rather write than not. And sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I do and don’t like the result. Still all unavoidable I think. And I can’t “make” it be another way. Just write (what else does a writer do?).

  • My muse likes seeing things through to completion and really, really hates sitting in traffic.

  • Tricia says:

    Me likes accomplishment, even if it’s viacriously through others, so, uh, thanks for that.

  • spamwarrior says:

    I think mine dislikes procrastination as well. Mine likes nature, traveling, and chocolate.

  • my muse is a Mikey…it seems to like everything

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