What I Learned about Writing from Sex and the City 2

June 25, 2010 § 5 Comments

After reading Robert McKee’s Story, watching films changed for me. Without intending to, and even if the film is captivating, I find myself noticing the plot twists and turns, the language, and the theme in a different way. I’ve always worn a critic’s hat well, but my previous focus was on the acting because of my theatre background.

But when plots are improbable (yes, you Sex in the City 2), the character’s conversations can be witty, right? Yes. Unless…every other response – or retort in this case – is a play on words or pun. Come on. Repartee is amusing when 1) well written, 2) used sparingly, and 3) is believable. These ladies (I know it’s not their fault) spit out their magnum of one liners and puns like it was stale champagne, which it was.

So, what I learned from Sex in the City 2? Frequent, phony one liners can make even extreme fashion and magnificent locations boring. We can write better than this, can’t we?


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§ 5 Responses to What I Learned about Writing from Sex and the City 2

  • spamwarrior says:

    I agree. Heard many unflattering things about Sex and the City 2, and it is one movie I’m not going to watch.

  • My main attraction to a movie is the dialogue so there is nothing in the world that I hate more than badly written cheese.

    I didn’t like the fact that they weren’t allowed to film in UAE but still used that location in the script. I found that to be very disingenuous to their modern, enlightened feminist philosophies.

    It really is too bad because I really enjoyed the show.

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