Mojo’s On Its Way

June 18, 2010 § 12 Comments

At the risk of jinxing it…I think my mojo may be finding its way home! Today, I attended a meeting and was presented with a shiny Cross pen and pencil set, a token (or reward) for having received a professional certification. Really, a very nice – and unexpected – gift from strangers. And then, I won the raffle! It’s only the second time in my life I’ve won anything and the first was twenty-five years ago. I still have that gift – a calculator the size of a card deck, protected by a soft brown cover. Today I won a book, Sink or Swim, which is perfect for one of my projects at work. ( Of course, I’m assuming it’s not a message from the universe for me. )

But the best news came after I arrived home: an email with the word congratulations in the subject line. And the sender? A literary magazine. It told me that I’m a finalist for the 2010 issue and asked if my poem was still available and for a brief bio. Damn, I needed this. Even if it doesn’t make it in – and I’m confused as to whether it’s accepted or not, which is why it shall remain nameless for now – I needed this boost. As you, my faithful readers, know.

So thank you for all the mojo-returning thoughts and wishes…and keep them coming. Now, how can I return the favor?  Just let me know…

Photo credit: Dani Toth


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