April 30 ’10: Untitled

April 30, 2010 § 4 Comments

It’s over: Napowrimo, April, A Poem a Day, National Poetry Month. I wanted to comment on the experience, and also promised my former writing partner Marc Copeland that I would use his prompt – endings – for today’s poem. He’s faced many recently and has used them to inspire beginnings. For me, time plays in fast forward now, and my endings and beginnings are indistinguishable.

Or as they say (do they still say this?)…it’s all good.


If we only had thirty days,
     it would be roses and rain and seed

On day thirty-one, the vase is filled
     and the garden blooming

Photo credit: Ron Resnick


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§ 4 Responses to April 30 ’10: Untitled

  • Kudos on a great month of poems. Yeah, ‘they’ still say it…it’s all good!!

  • Pamela, this is a lovely poem. I’m totally spent, and still feel the flourish that comes the day after thirty days hard labor.

    It was fun! Didn’t get here nearly often enough. I’m glad you participated and look forward to reading what I missed.


  • Rallentanda says:

    Beautiful piece Pam.
    I don’t know about you but I am wrecked.I have read 3,640 poems this month. I think I was a little excessive.

  • bschooled says:

    Yes, they still say that, Pamela. (Or at least I do.:))

    Beautiful poem as always. Your ability to turn a limited number of words into art never fails to amaze me.

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