April 28 ’10: Night Owl

April 28, 2010 § 7 Comments

Today’s prompt was about using your intuition, sitting with yourself, noticing, watching, which has the potential to be a bit like “the watched pot never boils,” I’m afraid. Mine did boil, although it was inspired less by intuition than the poem I found in my in-box today.

I was trying to write with a shift in perspective and include a commentary on the scene. Sort of like being on the bus and off the bus at the same time.

Night Owl

Darkness wakes her; she stirs and turns,
desperate to know the time, but does not open her eyes –
she follows instructions carefully, trusts the tattered recipe hawked by doctors
and late night television. She ignores its taste – tinny, meek, a bit untested;
it’s not right to distrust the experts. Still, her route to unconsciousness
is plagued by demons:  locked and frozen mailboxes, cars and bicycles with
no brakes, wounded animals, serial killers. Although
she always survives, she feels more tormented by sleep than
wakefulness. What dreams may come, she whispers,
and stares into the deep pool of her lids. She lies as awake and still
as the night owl before he soars and dives into the trees.


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