April 23 ’10: How It Began

April 23, 2010 § 6 Comments

Unexpected conversations is how I would characterize today’s ReadWritePoem prompt, matching a speaker with an improbable situation.

Where the  hell do ideas come from? (Forgive my language. I need to be more careful.)

How It Began

Time for a change, he murmured,
as he took an empty seat in the
Ivy League classroom twisting his
ragged robe.  He stood abruptly,
his height rocketing all eyes to the
podium at which he suddenly stood.
He then announced himself, flinging
his name towards the back of room like a
slingshot. Some students scattered
at his words, trampling each other
at doors and windows. Others
melted under their wooden desks.
I’m here, he announced again.
Someone laughed. And then
the Rapture began.


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