April 21 ’10: Rules

April 21, 2010 § 7 Comments

Perfectly Flawed is the name of today’s ReadWritePoem prompt: “In ancient times, Persian rug makers were deeply religious and believed that only God could make something perfect. They would deliberately drop in a small faulty stitch, a flaw, into each Persian rug. In doing so, a ‘Persian Flaw’ revealed the rug maker’s devotion to God.” — Karel Weijand

Write a poem about flaws and perfection in yourself or in nature or write about how you feel about being imperfect or perfect.

Lovely. I’ve heard this story attributed to many cultures and it’s one of my favorites.


Don’t drop a stitch. You’ll turn crooked
and inward, and fall into
a hole bigger than your heart.

Don’t pull too tight. You’ll shrink into
a potholder and be used to hold
all heat.

Do feel, stretch, fray, and knit
every moment that you can.


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