April 15 ’10: Love Song

April 15, 2010 § 6 Comments

From ReadWritePoem: In a nice private place, pick out a stanza, or a few lines, that you like from a poem that you don’t otherwise feel was very successful. Say them over to yourself.

Now hum them. See if you can find the tune.

And now sing them aloud. (Who cares if you can sing? You’re in private. And this is poetry!)

Throwing away the rest of the poem, write two more stanzas (stand-alone or connected) that go to the same tune.

So, I cheated and wrote this to one of my favorite tunes from the Fantasticks. I think I have a flair for lyrics, don’t you?

Love Song

When the moon was young, when the month was May
many songs were sung and many games well played
But I came to see that my love was wrong
when you sold… my old clothes …for a song

Then you came to say that you lost the key
to the Ford I payed for most diligently
but to my surprise, when I went outside
it was gone (I must be wrong) no it’s gone…

Without you near me, I can see
a brighter day (and dawn)
shining  there waiting for me

So at last I’m free, and although I knew
that our rocky love wasn’t meant for two
I am happy now, and sweets, so are you
in your cell with my key in your shoe

With apologies to The Fantasticks.


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