April 8 ’10: Metal Man

April 8, 2010 § 2 Comments

I adored today’s ReadWritePoem prompt: Today, think of your current love, your current obsession or the one who got away. Now come up with five or more unusual metaphors for the object of your affection/obsession: wool scarf, cough drop, puddle, half-empty bottle of red wine… Choose your favorite of the bunch and write a poem celebrating (or trashing) your love.


Metal Man

Slim as a post, unanchored by concrete, metal man sways. His blue eyes and fluttering lids scan the horizon. Morse Code. A half filled cylinder with lumpy seams, a rusty object still unclaimed. He wears necklaces of lover’s vows, and bracelets of their quarrels. A bin of sorts, filled with the past: broken keys, railroad spikes, crushed, ashy cans. Melting letters in his funnel hat have striped his face with prison bars. And at night he calls her name and begs her for a heart.


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