April 2 ’10: The Noise of Silence

April 2, 2010 § 4 Comments

Acronyms for ReadWritePoem is today’s prompt. I chose Redhawk Wildlife Preserve.




The Noise of Silence

The quiet of the night eludes me: the later the hour,
the louder the silence. I turn the telly up, then down,
but my insides itch the same. It started when she was born, I think –
I can’t remember. Perhaps it’s always been.

When she was small, we would wake in the same breath: me as she inhaled,
and she to cry. Now I lie alert to the hum of the fan, and whisper a
prayer for us to be safe, but what I really wish is rest. Rest for me,
and rest for her, rest so I don’t dread waking, rest so she does not dread life.

I wonder why we must beckon sleep in a bed.
Can’t it be beckoned on the wings of a red hawk?
Can’t sleep be called from high in a windless sky?
I want to be a hawk, to travel high and soar
and visit those below – the way I have been visited – perched on a low branch,
waiting to be seen, or diving swift and sure, oblivious to your gaze.
I would live in silence, except for the squeal of my prey as I tear it
with my talons, and feed on its warm, delicious gore.

Do you see what happens when I do not sleep?
What I wish is to be free, to live forever, perhaps as something wild.
No aching legs or clenching teeth, no alarm or daily toothbrush.
We run the plains, and eat ‘till full, and quench our thirst with aqua dips…

Dammit, the prayer.


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