Another Year, Another 30

March 28, 2010 § 16 Comments

Not a surprise, I know, but I’m in for National Poetry Month and a poem a day challenge. Poetry Boot Camp helped me build some muscle.

Last year, I used Poetic Asides prompts, and made my 30. I hit the wall, rebounded, and fell in love. But the aftermath at the prompt site wasn’t pretty, so I’ll be working from ReadWritePoem. This makes me nervous because their prompts are more complex, and to meet their standards, I must post a poem every day (last year, as long as I hit 30 within the month, it was OK by the rules).

I’m also wondering about writing on a theme – which I did in November – but without having a sense of the prompts, I don’t know how to make that decision. But in case I do, what would be a good theme?

This is not a hypothetical question. And please don’t tell me broken/breaking/recovering hearts, because I wrote 30 of those in November.

BONUS: You can receive a poem a day by email by signing up at It was inspirational. I highly recommend it.


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§ 16 Responses to Another Year, Another 30

  • How exciting, Pamela! I think adding a theme to my poems will add an even bigger challenge. I like it. Don’t know if I’m up to it though. I look forward to reading your writing through whatever theme you choose.

    I got the impression too that the poems needed to be posted daily. Should be fun!

    • It is a challenge. I got some great suggestions, as you can see, and have decided to go with one that will stretch me, but not limit me: looking at the positive side, not the underside. We’ll see how long the “bright side” can last!

      If you choose, one, let us know.

  • Mary says:

    As to prompts…not too long ago, I decided to use road signs and billboards as prompts for a week: e.g. “Expect Delays”, “Bump”, “Your Name Here”. It was an interesting exercise

  • Catherine says:

    Actually, many of us using the Readwritepoem prompts play catch up, so I don’t think they mind if you don’t post a poem a day, as long as you do write 30 in the month.

    I find it very difficult to define a “day” anyway because most of the day after they post their prompts happens when I’m asleep, time zones being what they are.

    I signed up for the PAD prompts by e-mail last year but it was a bit of a bust because the e-mail doesn’t go out till the end of the day, so going by New Zealand time zones it was about two days late!

    • Catherine, thank you. I can be a bit of a rule follower (I just hate to admit that) so I got concrete about the day requirement.

      Sadly, ReadWritePoem is closing after this month, did you hear?

      I’ll be visiting you during April – best of luck.

  • G says:

    Hmmm…how ’bout for a theme: people struggling with personal choices that they made which they may or may not be happy about?

  • I am impressed with the fidelity you show to the craft, its inspiring. All the best with it, I’ll be reading.

  • Sean Fraser says:

    OK I’ve now read you post again…….”And please don’t tell me broken/breaking/recovering hearts, because I wrote 30 of those in November”……….I’ll think I’ll go back to being an accountant

  • Sean Fraser says:

    I like the way the book is opened in the picture … looks like a heart… make every poem have something to do with love

  • Just some suggestions of what I’d love to read….

    Spring and the recycling of life

  • You are an inspiration to creativity and commitment. While you struggle with a poem a day, I get to look forward to a daily Pamela poem. Now that’s worth waking up for.

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