March Poetry Boot Camp

March 10, 2010 § 2 Comments

Relentless, powerful, exciting, nerve-racking…these past few months have been gale force winds. But waiting for me on the battered shore was the oxygen I’ve been missing the past few years: enjoyable work, new and enriching relationships, travel, and a renewed connection with the arts.

So what’s missing? Time. Time to write, to be calm, to think and consistently create. I’m out of practice.  This is not good because April is National Poetry Month, and that means a poem a day.

My creaky writing joints need to move, so I’m creating my own March Poetry Boot Camp. For the next five days, starting tomorrow, I’ll write a poem a day to regain some strength. So come April, when I join ReadWritePoem’s 30 day challenge, I’ll be ready to go.

If you’d like to join me, I encourage you to post your Boot Camp poems under mine. I’ll be posting every evening, before I fall exhausted into bed.


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§ 2 Responses to March Poetry Boot Camp

  • Neil Reid says:

    Said to me years ago in review of the bits of life – balance please. Boring, yet true. Hello Pamela! I’m glad to hear good fortune your way. That’s only good. And I do also understand getting off the horse, then getting back on again (not all what might be imagined).

    I stopped writing myself for a while, thought to be brooding something more, doing the study part – including giving myself permission NOT to write all the time. Well and right enough I think, but oh my, getting back up to writing that step up was indeed a higher reach! (Yet another thing to learn/accept.)

    As is accepting not only is it hard to “keep up”, like reading right here, but that I’ll never keep up. Just do what I can. Maybe that will be part of NaPoWriMo for me too. Never done before, but the thirst is there to participate.

  • Your life sounds very exciting right now. Best of luck with your poetry. Will stream of consciousness work for poems? Probably all I can muster. Enjoy the writing. I understand the quiet world it can let you enter.

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