The Intention Moving Company

January 5, 2010 § 16 Comments

Sometimes conversation is all it takes to get me back in the saddle. (I’m a huge fan of Cole Porter – it’s not a Texas reference.) After I heard myself telling a friend what I needed to do in January – submit a poem, one poem, any poem – I woke the next morning, and realized how little  time it would take. So I did it. And, submitting one poem turned into submitting three.

One of the things my friends and I asked each other as we shared our intentions on 12/31 was, “How can we support each other?” A simple act of asking about my goal created the energy for me to move forward.

I’ve been private most of my life and grew up believing that I Should (yes, the big S) be able to do it all myself. That damaging message has caused me much harm, especially since I revert to it during crisis. And my assigned role was to support others while standing alone. For that reason, it’s hard for me to talk about myself , but answering a question seems different.  I’m grateful my friend asked.

Do you use Intention Movers? Or do it alone? I’ve gotta tell you, my arms and back are getting tired. It’s time to take the help.


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§ 16 Responses to The Intention Moving Company

  • seanfraser says:

    when you make a contribution to a community or broader society then by its nature that community will make a contribution back to you……it is give and you will receive….you just have to be ready and willing to receive.

    You definitely make a contribution and I can see from the beautiful comments your friends make there is lots of love and help waiting out there for you. Your blog is so ‘personal’ and tangible…..I just love it

  • 25BAR says:

    An idea can change your life!

  • I congratulate you and wish you all the tenacity in the world! I’d wish you luck but as you know, it doesn’t take luck, it takes tenacity. Just keep on pushing forward.

    I’ve always been a lot like you and am trying to change as well. I was an only child, raised by a working, single mother, and both of my parents passed away before I was 27. So I’ve always been used to doing everything for myself. It’s only recently where I’ve learned to accept (and appreciate) help and/or nudging from other people. It makes life so much easier!

  • rallentanda says:

    Interesting post.I think the nature of creativity is solitary.Strong characters tend to think that they should be able to manage everything on their own.I was given the same message but I know it was given in good faith.I write to and for people.It doesn’t matter whether I see them or hear their voices..I prefer not to.There is something far more intense and real about writing online (especially when you express your thoughts in poetry) because you are not distracted by the visual or normal societal cues that occur in normal this it suits me very well because in real life I am quite a shy person….having said all of this if I didnt have a live in relationship with someone who is also a wordsmith creative and solitary I would probably think differently.I miss your poems. WRITE

    • You’re lucky in your relationship, rallentanda. That’s what I felt a bit when my friend talked to me about it – he is also an artist and understands the need to stay in the process.

      OK. Writing. Today.

      Thank you.

  • G says:

    In a strange way, I just started using one. Picked up some voice recognition software over the Christmas holidays. The main challenge will be changing from this:

    Brain to fingers to computer screen.

    To this:

    Brain to voice to computer screen.

    • Interesting, G. I wonder if you’ll find yourself editing as you speak.

      A conversation with yourself…I have those all the time, but try not to let anyone hear. :-)

      • G says:

        At the moment, I’m finding myself at a crossroads, trying to adapt how I speak to how I write. For instance, I’ll come up with a sentence that normally I would simply speak. But usually, how one speaks really isn’t how one writes, so then I spend the next couple of minutes redoing the sentence in my head to fit my writing style. For now, it’s been coming out in pieces and yes, I’m finding myself doing a severe editing job while I speak.

        Agonizing over structure of a sentence for three minutes really isn’t a good way to write, so it’s almost like I’m erasing whatever I learned in the past year and a half, and starting all over from scratch.

  • Neil Reid says:

    Good for you. It can be simple sometimes, huh!

    Expression ~ (knowing yourself) ~ action ~ allowing movement ~ participation ~ testing yourself ~ allowing change ~ expression is always a good idea.

    It’s funny that (my experience) AFTER I express myself THEN I better see and understand my own feelings and thoughts. You notice that?

    Expression is action is movement. And it never looks like that until I do, then it’s obvious! That’s funny too.

    My historic stance is not dissimilar from yours, regarding privacy (isolation?) and doing it all by myself. I understand. Most of my movement only came when life forced me to. But I didn’t do it alone!

    Intention movers, or doing it alone! Ha! For me it is both. I am the source of my intention; I understand my purpose here. Do I realize expression alone? Absolutely not! I live within relationship (despite all the years I resisted that). It is not just vanity (me included) that wants connection (response, acknowledgement). That is what completes the exchange, don’t you think?

    Don’t mind talking to trees, and I write because I’m here, but also I write for you. Both are true. It’s mutual. I can’t take apart what always really is in relationship, one.

    Sorry this is not “face to face”. Although I don’t think it is merely a matter of distance, but rather willingness. (But then maybe I’m just a cheap date and easily pleased!)

  • shoutabyss says:

    Yee haw! Back in the saddle. You go, girl! That’s the best news I’ve heard in some time. The things that nove us can be quite mysterious and unexpected. I’m glad that somehow they lined up for you.

  • Linda says:

    Love the phrase Intention Movers. I don’t have any one designated as such, but it’s always an inspiration to me when someone asks how my writing is coming along. It’s hard to keep going when you feel like no one cares; you start not to care so much yourself.

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