Naming the Year

January 1, 2010 § 15 Comments

I’ve been inspired these past few days  to set clear intentions for the New Year. I’ve always been a bit of of a new age-er, even before the term existed: my mother raised us on Ouija boards and astrology instead of religion – although some might argue they’re siblings.  So, this New Year’s Eve with its blue moon and lunar eclipse (and Jupiter finally entering Pisces, thank God) has me thinking this will be an excellent year and I need to pour my energy into it. (A blue moon occurs approximately every 2 ½ years, a blue moon lunar eclipse occurs approximately every 15-20 years, and a New Year’s Eve occurs approximately every 19 years.)

I found some of my focus in Janet Conner’s post about naming your year, and more from this post about the power of the full moon/lunar eclipse. (I warned you that I was new age-y.)

Then, my closest friends and I spent time before midnight writing down our focus and intentions for ’10.

I’ve fallen down on several that I’ve named here: submitting regularly and completing a chapbook. Submitting is on the list, but at a slower pace, and the chapbook is shelved for the moment. (After starting the revision process, I see how my poems can use work, and want to continue down the learning to revise path. ) And I want to take a poetry workshop, something I’ve talked myself out of doing for several years. My poetry learning has been like trying to master the backstroke by flailing randomly in the water without an instructor. Yea. Time to get more serious.

And to keep writing.

Hey, if you name your year, let me know. Maybe I’ll share mine.


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§ 15 Responses to Naming the Year

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  • Hi Pamela. I can fully relate to the drive to learn more about editing and submitting. They are priorities for me this year.

    Your year has a very positive, strong name. There’s great power in knowing you can choose joy. I like it a lot.

  • seanfraser says:

    Hi Pamela….naming the year is a great idea……I’m calling mine…… ”The year I grow up” …and I’ll work out who I want to be now….it will be my journey to wisdom as I begin to age

  • Neil Reid says:

    May you relish your ruby slippers Pamela!

    (Honestly, I think more by the week or month, so I don’t know about a “year”.) However in looking at all the pebbles about, and what one thing might most address them all, perhaps to say, “The year of being genuine.”

    Not that I’m not (but I’m not). I think there’s a better* self I ignore too easily. (*better meaning not “better”, but more genuine, more honest, more outwardly attentive, or, less attached vanity’s sense of self. The list goes on.)

    • The Year of Being Genuine – something everyone should aspire to, Neil. I started working on that last year, and plan to continue. Ego-less is hard to attain, but worth trying for.

      Nice. :-)

      • Neil Reid says:

        Yes, thanks Pamela, and really there’s no ending date – of course. Nor on fierce joy, I would think! Interesting and beautiful choice you’ve named for yourself.

        Ego-less? Well, just not to take ego or vanity too seriously. Don’t think it ever really goes away. (Interesting bit in one of our church services that says, you may think to eschew ego, but that is only another means for ego to conquer your attention. Instead allow it to be, just don’t make it the center of yourself.) Another work in progress, like most of life!

  • I am going with ” The Year of Happy Fun Stuff.”

  • janetconner says:

    Thank you, Pamela, for sharing my new year adventure with your readers. This morning, I had a huge “aha” about the name of my year. Am sending out a newsletter and posting in my blog on Tuesday. What a magical new year this will be.

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