Blogcation ’09

December 24, 2009 § 9 Comments

Clearly, I need a vacation from blogging, although I’ve avoided admitting it. But my lack of posting is undeniable. I’m not sure why, but guess it has to do with a) blogging for over a year – many blogs die after that juncture, 2) huge changes in my work life and the adjustment process, and 3) feeling the pressure of making the damn chapbook and thinking that “any time spent on the computer had better be about it, but it’s not, so I’d better not be blogging” syndrome.

So, out of denial, and into my formal blogcation until ’10.  Not too far off, but guilt-free for a few days.

I wish you the happiest of New Year’s celebrations, and any and all abundance you desire.


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§ 9 Responses to Blogcation ’09

  • Happy Holidays, everyone!

  • Neil Reid says:

    It’s just a number, no big thing, I’m not much impressed this January first.

    However, all that’s best, that pleases you, that’s my wish for you Pamela!

  • Enjoy the time. all the best in the coming year PV.

  • ralfast says:

    Happy Holidays! See you on the flip side.

  • bschooled says:

    I completely understand what you mean. I spend more time on this whole blogging thing than I do on my actual writing…(I really need to learn better time management.)

    Happy New Year, Pamela. I look forward to more of your inspiration in 2010. :)

  • seanfraser says:

    Miss you ……..see you in 2010………I saw Austin Texas on the TV news……..looked for you …couldn’t see you…..guess you were busy ….keep out of the snow if it comes your way

  • Neil Reid says:

    You were my first friend in this weblog ether. I still remember the party you shied away from attending yourself! However all the doors that opened that day! And if that alone weren’t enough, oh Pamela, the poems you’ve written and shared with us! What editing! But I understand. Edit so much as easily pleases you. Go make your “damn” chapbook! But you better sell me one.

    So go, be happy! Rest, work, write. You fill in the blank. I’ll trust you for that. Although, yes, just sometimes, and to be a little polite and not polite – sometimes I think you protest, or fret, too much! :) So you keep being you and that will be just fine. Be merry! Be bright. As you wish.

  • shoutabyss says:

    Your blogcation
    Is our starvation
    Hope you return
    With rejuvenation

    Merry Christmas and we’ll see ya on the flip side!

  • happy holy days
    and a very happy and creative year.

    you can come back when ever you feel like, will always be a place for you here

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