Chapbook Fever

December 19, 2009 § 4 Comments

I have chapbook fever…but not the way you think. Fever in that I am lackadaisical, listless and unmotivated. Lying on the sofa, watching Law and Order fever. Being excited about work and not poetry fever.  Wondering how to blog about poetry fever.

But I made a commitment to Sonya that I would select the poems for the chapbook submission before the 18th. Her rationale – a good one – is to select before editing so you don’t waste time rewriting poems you won’t be using. Particularly because the turn around time for this contest is deadly fast.

So that’s done. I have a gentle poem trajectory, one I hope will make emotional sense to the reader. Now on the rewriting. Sonya says (boy do I feel silly saying Sonya says…) that a poem can completely change once you take a look at the first draft objectively, so that worries me. There isn’t much time.

Boy do I feel hot. I think my fever’s spiked again.


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§ 4 Responses to Chapbook Fever

  • purple says:

    personally, purple says Law & Order fever sounds more enticing than chapbook fever any day! So, do you need a cheerleader or a drill sergeant to keep this project moving forward? I’m excited for you — does that count??

  • Neil Reid says:

    Your “month” of poems seems a more than worthy start, even including for the process of evolution it reveals in your writing there. Whatever, however, you arrive and do, all my appreciation and best wishes for you.

    The change of year, transition, many welcome, maybe usefully. (Me, however, it’s just another day. But whatever brings your hand to pen.)

  • Pamela says that makes her feel better, and we both better start moving!

  • Sonya Feher says:

    Sonya says she’s got some work to do too.

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