Nov 30 09: A Crowded Heart

December 1, 2009 § 15 Comments

Finally, I am finished – with the November Poetic Asides Poem a Day exercise.  The past few days have been difficult; I’m not sure why.  If it’s because I hit the wall, I wish it would continue, but if it’s because I’ve written what needed to be wrote (yea, I know this is wrong), well, then I’m done with this theme. 

At any rate, I wanted this last piece to be something about closing, closure, culmination, some “c” word.   It isn’t really, but that’s because there’s none to be had at this point.  (The prompt was to write about something that will stick with you.) 

The chilly amber-ale sunlight filters through
the dusty blinds; I’ve tried to wipe them
clean but learned to leave the grit behind –
with water they turn muddy and recalcitrant,
like the lovers living in my house. One
crouches in my bedroom corner chanting.
He strokes his red-tipped warrior and
wonders why I don’t respond.  Another
stays in the garage. He is pale, passive, unable
to come in from the cold; he pounds his fury
into himself, breaking every bone.  The third is
lying next to me. We are nose to nose, an
breath away from touch. I sink into his weight
and find a hollow where he used to be – he floats
through me, smiles and reaches for my hand.


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