Nov 9 09: Once in the Night

November 9, 2009 § 6 Comments

Bettafish-SiameseFightingFish-CloseupToday’s assignment from Poetic Asides? To write a slippery poem. “The subject can be about something slippery (snake, soap, etc.), or the poem itself can deal with a slippery subject (I’m thinking big concepts like that have words ending in -ism might fit the definition of a slippery subject).”

I started by thinking of slipping out of bed, and then the concept changed. But perhaps the topic is slippery enough. Really, as long as the prompt creates a poem – what does it matter? Or to quote Alfred E. Neuman, “What, me worry?”


Once in the Night

Once in the night, I fell out of you.
I pushed away from your gravity
And rolled up the side of the bed-bowl.
But I miscalculated and landed hard.

A betta fish flares its fins in rage;
It strikes by leaping and suicides by air.

My bowl is pillowed, soft.
It embraces me like quicksand.
I gulp and gasp; I flail my pale tentacles,
But my landing only bruises.


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