Nov 1 09: Tsunami

November 1, 2009 § 7 Comments

ona_lWhile waiting for the Poetic Asides server repair (it’s up now, and the prompt just posted), I wrote. Thanks to Calliope, the poem works for the prompt, which asks us to write about entering something new.




The ashy touch of autumn light wakes me. Years flood the room. Will my bed float, will its neglected ruffle rise to embrace me? Will the dusty blinds split, will the windows shatter so I can ride this swell?  My ex clings to the mattress – I peel his fingers off as if he were an orange. My father releases his grip and body surfs – twisting, strong, now gone. I wave them both good-bye; the swell recedes and a shimmering sari remains. I slip it on: I am a fragrant conch. I am a beached starfish. I am an ancient shell. The cottonwoods moan with the wind.


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§ 7 Responses to Nov 1 09: Tsunami

  • Rallentanda says:

    To a starfish from an ancient beached whale…Liked your poem especially the bit about sending the ex off into the deep blue sea
    ‘I peel his fingers off’…very Medea -:)
    It’s day 3 here and I haven’t had a prompt for day 2 yet.It seems that you haven’t either.Being the leader of time is causing a problem here!

    • Have you found the prompt yet? It’s been up all day here.

      I just posted my poem, I’ve been fiddling with it.

      • rallentanda says:

        I still haven’t received the prompt but fortunately both you and Barbara are doing this so it will be a daily visit to both to get prompt and to comment.I have alloted a daily 5 minutes to this.. my own personal challenge of the 5 minute poem,no editing or tweaking,just getting it down so they are all going to be very rough diamonds!

  • You are all very generous. Thank you.

  • Neil Reid says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Couldn’t, won’t, really pick one line over another, all evocative, and oh my, as the tale and trail proceeds! And such a great ending too. Pamela, you have such a genuine (talent, gift, way with sight and words, ability). You may choose one or all. Maybe you feel away from writing sometimes, but dear one, at the least, when you come on – you really do! Don’t mean to push your ear out of shape. I like this poem. A lot. Will that do?

  • Linda says:

    Oh, my, my. “Years flood the room.” “My ex clings to the mattress – I peel his fingers off …” And here I thought I woke up with poetry in my mind. Your writing amazes me.

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