A Confession

August 25, 2009 § 31 Comments

left-brain-right-brainI have a new found pride in my creativity, something I’ve been missing for a long time. The past 5-6 years, I tried to find an artistic outlet, nothing clicked and my right brain felt simultaneously soggy and dry. Lately it’s New Year’s – or Purim – party central.

But today, my left brain rocked out. In a training I was dreading (yes, work colleagues who read this, I admit it), I learned about business strategy and I liked it. Normally, I’m a business Luddite.

Has this ever happened to you? Do you have a solid partnership between the left and right halves of your brain? Or does using one betray the other? (Take this test if you’d like to know more about your thinking.)

I feel as if I’ve had an affair.


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§ 31 Responses to A Confession

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  • Right 55%, Left 45%…I am sure what that means…maybe you could draw me an explanation.

  • Neil Reid says:

    Pamela, my occupational result says I should be a beautician in a national park! Maybe that explains a lot? But at least I am amused! And alright, I’m filtering some.

    So 40/60 oh my, if you wanna ask, and fantasy dominated, certainly, and there’s my impressionistic bent. And yes, to confirm the reasonable, my distaste for the particular sort of “work” to publish more formally. Sort of a problem, yes. Maybe partially why I tell myself “I don’t care so much about doing that”. But not wholly.

    Honestly, not so much surprise. But if you really like checking off the boxes, has anyone done that Keirsey Tempermant test, as presented in that book, “Please Understand Me”? That one I did seriously find revealing for me.

    And one slightly major relevant tail, such that these tests may say where we stand right now. However, not granite! We are not the children we once were, and yes, we can change, and in the direction we envision as we so choose. I am nothing the introvert that once I was. And not by accident. These are only maps awaiting our pen to expand.

    You are the masterful party hostess Pamela!

  • After reading all these results, I have to post mine – left brain 44% and right 56%. Not a bad mix – I feel less like an adulterer after reading that many of us are mixed.

    But like Domino, my highest percentage is in Right Brain Fantasy Land. Do tell.

  • Jane Hardin says:

    Ooooh, Pamela, I’m not as balanced as I had hoped — far right, and it’s a wonder I am able to function… Perhaps that explains why I married a mathematician!

  • Left Brain Right Brain
    52% 48%

    I have been told I am artistic and I have been told I am incredibly logical.

  • G says:

    Hmmm….It says I’m 68% left, 32% right.

    And that I use logic for my critical thinking and problem solving (among other things).

    Very interesting and informative.

    • G, I’m glad you enjoyed it. It sounds like you’re not surprised by the results – you must know yourself well.

      • G says:

        Not really, no.

        I’ve always been logical with my critical thinking (almost pathologically so) and problem solving.

        Now if I could only apply my logic with my writing, I’ll have it made in the shade.

    • Pat Bertram says:

      I got the same results – 68/32. I’m not surprised by mine — although I’m fairly creative, I have a very strong logical side. I’m not one who can sit down and just write. I have to have something to say first.

  • DOMINO says:

    My most dominant characteristic was “fantasy based”.

    Haha… no kidding.

  • Linda says:

    I’m in shock. That test can’t possibly be right. I’m not even going to think about my results for fear my right brain will simply shut down in protest. Then again, Libra is the sign of balance. :-)

  • omawarisan says:

    My right and left don’t have much of a partnership. Its more like marriage where the two halves stay together for the benefit of the kid…me.

    I’m very right brained in a left brained profession. I get to the same place as everyone else, but they’re never quite sure how.

    I’d love to have a flash of right brain like you did, just out of curiosity. Kudos for knowing it when you had it!

    • omawarisan, I had a good time trying to imagine the two sides of your brain not working together – I imagined something like War of the Roses.

      Speaking of mysteries, how did you come up with your name?

  • Julie says:

    I’m randomly reality based. Fun test. Says my answers are inconsistent. Maybe because the test was so long.

    Sometimes I enjoy the business end of things – common sense. I can be quite good at it. Not quite sure how my creative side works.

    • Julie, I agree the test is long and it made me tired. Does that mean I’m more right brained?

      I think it’s good for writers to enjoy the business end, since we have to do it ourselves now.

  • Lynn says:

    hi, i’m new here. i just took that test. had i known it was 54 questions i may not have. at any rate, i thoroughly enjoyed taking it. i found out something about myself i didnt know, thanks for an intersting post. i think i got here from don’s site.

  • Vicki says:

    HahaHahaHaHa!!!! Love the “affair” line! You’re so clever….

    Well, I’m TOTALLY right brained…but I must admit, whenI first entered college taking all my pre-med courses, I loved every minute of science. So does that mean I committed adultery?
    The brain is so amazing…what was that line in the movie, “Defending your life”?
    “He only uses 3 percent of his brain” I think that may actually be the case with a lot of us…I know it is with me.
    Guess, I should go out and by some crossword puzzles, even though my right brain hates’m !!!

    Little side note – my kids love Purim…Megan (my daughter) and Rachel (FJ’s) daughter always loved dressing up as Ester when they were little! Such a wonderful holiday to celebrate!!!!!!!

    • Vicki, how could you have done med school if you are totally right brained? I can’t imagine – did you take the test? Please tell me you have some left in there!

      Purim is fun – except for dressing up. I love seeing others, but don’t like to costume myself. I’m a wardrobe Grinch at Halloween too.

      • Vicki says:

        I just took the test ! Results!!! (drum roll please)

        53% Left 47% Right !!!! I’m completely shocked by that result! I think I might go back and sucker punch my 6th grade math teacher Mr.Sheik ! Ha! He was the wonderful man who told me I was a hopeless artist! For punishment, he actually separated me during math class and put me in a corner to color on paper numbers!
        Geez, I think I may have discovered some post traumatic issues…LOL

        It was a fun test Pamela! Thanks! Guess that answers (for me) the love of science!

        Is there such thing as a Jewish “Grinch” at Purim! What would Ester say for goodness sakes? Naw, just kidding, I’m like you , I loved dressing the kids up.
        Jeanie, (Bobby’s wife) is the expert costume maker. I’ll try to dig out the photo’s of the kids…its great!

        • I know – I love the idea of a Jewish Grinch at Purim – I couldn’t resist it. I almost might wear that as a costume.

          I’d love to see your kids dressed up…and you not. :-)

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