Can It Get Easier?

August 17, 2009 § 25 Comments

redwineLikely not. Not easier than it is. Submitting, I’m talking about….catch up!  Here’s how:

1) I made an agreement with my coach to spend one hour a week researching where to submit or submitting three poems. It’s a bit like a job description – two years of experience can be substituted for one year of school. One hour of research or three poems, which ever comes first.

2) Duotrope sends me an email each week with new markets, closed markets and themed markets. I keep it in my inbox until I use it.

3) Or I remember a blog that tells about a good place to submit or read the recommendations at She Writes (sorry, guys).  

4) When I complete my 3 poem/1 hour process, I (with a self-satisfied sigh, all guilt banished) go into my Word doc weekly calendar and type: Poetry – done.

Then I pour myself a large glass of cheap wine. I’m a poet.


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§ 25 Responses to Can It Get Easier?

  • Cheers PV, you are a poet indeed. Now submit away I say.

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  • Lorry says:

    I also wondered about “the coach”.

    • I recently went through a training to become a coach for employees in my workplace. During the training process, we had to coach each other, and I chose submitting as a topic.

      For continued training, I’ll have a professional coach for several more months, but that focus will be on my work performance.

  • spamwarrior says:

    Submitting scares me.

    • It scares me too, but my desire to be published is greater than the fear. And it doesn’t hurt to submit, what hurts is the rejection.

      But that gets easier (at least for me) after awhile.

      I encourage you to give it a try if that’s what’s holding you back.

  • calliopespen says:

    You have a coach? May I borrow? I think I need somebody to hold me accountable.

    I haven’t even tried to submit anything, mainly because the whole process seems so daunting and I don’t know where to start. It’s like I’m waiting for somebody to take my hand and forcefully lead me to the exact place I need to submit. Maybe I’m just lazy. Or afraid. Or both.

    This plan,however, seems workable. I think I’ll try it. I’m heading out for some Paisano.

    • It’s really workable. That’s why I like it – I’m not overwhelmed or pressured. Well, maybe a little pressured but just enough.

      Of course, I may feel differently when the responses start coming. It takes usually three months minimum to hear back.

      I may dump the whole thing. :-)

  • tannerleah says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but there seems to be a bit of a theme with “cheap wine”. Do they only sell boxes of it where you live?

  • Pamela’s goals on Monday:
    1 hour researching where to submit
    Read submission emails and blogs
    Submit three poems
    Write three more poems
    Sigh with satisfaction and pour a glass of wine.

    Pamela’s goals on Tuesday:
    1 hour researching where to submit
    Read submission emails and blogs – Email isn’t working. Pour a glass of wine
    Submit three poems
    Write two more poems
    Sigh with semi-satisfaction and pour a glass of wine.

    Pamela’s goals on Wednesday:
    1/2 hour researching where to submit
    Skip emails and blogs. Eat entire bag of M&M’s and wash them down with wine.
    Submit two poems
    Write flash poetic prose
    Sigh with frustration and pour a glass of wine.

    Pamela’s goals on Thursday:
    Scour emails and blogs to discover none of them have posted anything new. Pour wine.
    Drink wine
    Chew on pencil
    Pour wine
    Sigh with anger and pour a glass of wine.

    Pamela’s goals on Friday:
    Scour emails and blogs to discover none of them have posted anything new. Drink wine straight from bottle.

    Pamela’s goals on Saturday:
    Sober up
    buy wine

    Pamela’s goals on Sunday:
    Clean out mailbox
    Buy larger wine glasses.
    Rest up for Monday


  • Vicki says:

    I’m not a poet – but I will have some of that cheap wine!

  • DOMINO says:

    I’m going to do this with you. I love to write — and hate doing my submissions.

  • hooplamedia says:

    Yes, you are SUCH a poet. Yeah Pamela the Poet!

  • Linda says:

    Wait. You only have to research where to submit; you don’t have to actually submit? Gee, I should have been a poet.

    • I didn’t say it well…but yes, if it takes me an hour to do the research, then it counts. For example, I found a place to submit a chapbook, but didn’t have it ready, so preparing it will count as another hour.

      It’s a brain game to get me out there. :-)

      • Linda says:

        I’m sure I’ll have to do something like this when it comes time to query. Or to get me started on the next novel … write x number of pages before I can go online. That might work.

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