New Writer Tip #10 – Notice the Need

August 7, 2009 § 2 Comments

clouds3Remember my 10 Tips for New Writers? (Of course you do, and there are some astute additions others have left as well.)

Tip #10 says to “Do research and find publications that print work similar to yours. Send it to them.”  A slight derivation I’m adding is “Notice the need and fill it.”  

When Drash Pit posted the theme When You Lie Down & When You Rise Up this past week, I wanted to contribute, but ran out of time. So I found a poem I wrote during National Poetry Month and offered it, with the information that it had already been published on this blog.

Neena accepted it. She had a need and I was able to help.

When is the last time you’ve asked, offered or taken a chance?


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§ 2 Responses to New Writer Tip #10 – Notice the Need

  • Uncle Tree says:

    What if I never notice the need in myself?
    The need to submit, that is.
    Am I missing the joy of an end result?
    Isn’t freely offering up one’s work to the masses,
    or to a few new friends, enough to feel true satisfaction?

    I’m not sure I get the whole point of it all, unless
    you want to make money selling your stuff.
    As if “dollars for poetry” was the only criteria.
    What am I missing here, Pamela? Do tell.

    • Uncle Tree, you’re not missing anything. You’ve made me realize I’ve been unconsciously working on the assumption that everyone wants what I want – to be published. But that’s not real.

      This has helped me, thank you.

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