Negative Ode to the Work Week

August 4, 2009 § 21 Comments

6a00d8341bf6f553ef00e54f43803f8833-640wiIn Atlanta last week, a collegue dropped a book on my table and asked me if I had ever heard of business poetry. No, I answered. What is it? I assumed it wasn’t a ‘real’ genre and decided it would be fun to make it one. Well, too late. Turns out it’s Google-able (which means it’s legit, right?) and some well known poets have written about work and business.   

But most of the links point to the same information: Carl Sandburg in his Chicago Collection; Samuel Taylor Coleridge in Work Without Hope; Michael Benedikt’s Prose Poems; and one anthology The Poetry of Business.

Do you write poetry or prose about work?  Fiction provides brilliant examples, too many to name, and  The Beatles’ A Day in the Life comes to mind, and then I draw a blank.

Which means it’s time for another Ode – a negative one.


It’s that time again,
to wash my face and brush my teeth
for the business world awaits.

All weekend it was growling at my door,
but I tootled and twittled and left it
to nap in the sun, hoping it would,
like an unwelcome dog,
follow its nose to a friendlier scent.

But it stayed on my doorstep and now insists,
no, demands to be fed. No matter,
I think, no matter, it can have leftovers. It can
have my pretense and my time,
a few ball tosses, and perhaps a pat on the head.

But my calendar sits on Friday.


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