I hads a bad dream.

July 29, 2009 § 12 Comments

bad_dreamTalk to me of…dreams.

Full Moon in Saipan was inspired by a dream, as are many of my poems and stories, so I pay attention.

But what do I do with last night’s thriller? In my freshly-sheeted Atlanta hotel bed, I woke hour after hour, unable to interrupt my dream – a serial killer in my house systematically killing every living thing. During the final nightmare phase, I saw my sister and brother-in-law’s severed heads perched on a bedside table.  After the alarm jolted me at 6:15, the dream retreated and I snoozed peacefully for 10 minutes. Finally.

Two thoughts: I know what this means (although I don’t know what it refers to) – it means I am my own worst enemy; and can a poem come from this?


Do you have nightmares and have they ever inspired you? Tell!


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§ 12 Responses to I hads a bad dream.

  • My dreams have inspired some drawings and a few photo interpretations. The visual aspects of my dreams seems more salient to me than the “plot.”

  • spamwarrior says:

    It would be interesting poetry…. I always forget my dreams, except the recurring one in which I’m getting married to the guy I like a lot. But… yeah. Would be cool.

  • alantru says:

    My worst nightmare ever inspired a one act comedy play “Called Death of an Imaginary Friend.” Got good reviews too.


  • pastelprincess says:

    Oh, and, I think a serial killer inspired set of poems would be soooo interesting! I’d love to see how you’d go about that!

  • pastelprincess says:

    I don’t know if I’ve ever had a nightmare that has inspired me, but I have had a few dreams that caused a poem to come out. They were more…odd dreams than anything else. My poetry Prof had the whole class try to write from a dream they had, and since then (probably two years ago) it has been one of my favorite ways to write. If you’re anything like me, your dreams are seriously vivid, and since the only way you can convey the images to others is through words, it lends itself to poetry well.

  • G says:

    Not so much nightmares as slices of life gone by type of dreams. And yes, sometimes they inspire me to write the occasional short story.

  • All of you are making me feel so much better – there’s something unsettling about having nightmares at my age. But if everyone’s doing it…:-)

    I’m still tossing around the idea of a serial killer poem. Just what would that look like?

  • paolagirl says:

    And I my dream the other night was bad. I was in a dentist chair and the dentist wouldn’t start the procedure. He was having an office party.

  • Linda says:

    That was quite a nightmare; I’m glad you could interpret it. And yes, why couldn’t a poem be inspired by a nightmare … or a dream. Most of my writing is.

  • Julie says:

    I had a terrible dream the other morning. One of those you have after you fall back asleep. It left me feeling ugly. I didn’t want to remember it even though when I thought about it, quite appropriate for what I’d written in my journal the day before and a subject that had been on my mind. Probably not making any sense, but it helped me realize I couldn’t control the issue, and let it go. Sorry for the ramble, but I hate the nightmare dreams. As to inspiration – we never know where it comes from or might take us. I think we all write from different places at different times.

  • My sister writes a lot based on dreams. My dreams tend to be nightmares and I don’t want to write the terrors.

  • DOMINO says:

    My nightmare starts on waking.

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