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July 24, 2009 § 63 Comments

FFAnd she lay in bed and dreamed…of a place on the world wide web where writers, poets and tweeps could meet and mingle. And the sleepy Gods of Intuition said to her, “Go and make it happen.”

Hmmm. So, following in the footsteps of barelyknittedtogether (who threw a virtual party), I invite you to meet virtually, with words or though visits. Some of you know each other already – be kind (you know who you are). For those who don’t, welcome to my world.

Margaritas are on the house.

Guest List:

Neil Reid
John Turner
Fundamental Jelly
Wise Guy
Nettie Hartsock
Alan Truitt
Linda Cassidy Lewis
Tom Bibey
Sonya Feher
Pat Bertram
Bruce M. Hood
Jennifer Hill Robenalt
Carolee Sherwood
Donald Mills
Helen Philpot
Claire Collins
Midlife Jobhunter
YOU, yes, you. the one I don’t know. Introduce yourself!

I’m overwhelmed now, being a Highly Sensitive Person. You all have fun – I’ll be in the bathroom. (If I’ve forgotten you, knock gently and let me know you’re here. And welcome.)


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  • […] But she’s now dropped by and is looking for guests to write on the challenges of parenthood and writing.  Catch her invite at our FollowFriday party. […]

  • Sonya Feher says:

    Just found this message. Thanks for the invitation. I’d like to hang out with you in the bathroom Pamela, or maybe twitch and count things with barelyknittogether. I’m looking for monthly guest bloggers for a monthly column on the challenges of writing and parenthood at http://sonyafeher.com. For instance, how do you find writing time, get your kid not to bang the keyboard, get enough distance to be objective, or muster the brain power to revise when you’ve got kids wanting your attention or otherwise asking for your time? Anyone interested, email me at sonya (at) sonyafeher (dot) com. I’d love to hear from anyone Pamela invites to the party.

  • pastelprincess says:

    I know I’m a few days late to this party, but I’m trying to extend my base for other writers. Love this idea! :)

  • Vicki says:

    From the looks of it, you all had a wonderful party I just wish my big brother Fundamental Jelly had brought me along! By the way, I enjoy your writing. I’ll definitely be back!

  • DOMINO says:

    *Toots tiny horn.

  • Big hugs to everyone who attended, observed and/or met each other.

    Thank you for being part of the party.

    The pleasure was all mine.

  • brucehood says:

    I *LOVE* to party….and I don’t get enough invites… I’m there!

  • Neil Reid says:

    Thank you Pamela. A kindly, welcome introduction to a blogging possibility. I appreciate you and your friends.

  • Pat Bertram says:

    I brought cherries for everyone, just picked off the tree. Not my trees, but close — less than a mile away. No spitting cherry seeds at each other. No wait, this is an adult party. Isn’t it?

    Pamela, I’m glad you stole this idea, because then you can’t complain when I steal it from you!

    Where did everyone go? I’ll be back later to check on the hijinks.

  • marstead says:

    Does anybody else feel like a Highly Sensitive Superhero who has been summoned to this party because we’ve been given a mission to save the world wide web from the forces of insensitivity?

    Or is that my Highly Sensitive Delusions of Grandeur acting up again?

  • alantru says:

    Alan knocks on bathroom door.

    Pamela? Oh Paaammelaaaa? You still in there? You’re missing a great party. I just did the oddest thing with a lampshade, a flibbertigibbet nabob and a kakapo. Everyone laughed… Although it did sound more like nervous laughter. Understandable. It’s a very messy trick. Plus, those damn flibbertigibbet nabobs tend to make people uneasy… Sorry I brought him along, but he had a bag of much needed limes… Oh, and Pamela, you’re running low on limes. …Anyway, the funniest thing happened to me yesterday at the gulch… I was herding these… Wait a second. Do you think they were laughing at the kakapo? Or, maybe, maybe they were laughing at me???? Hmmm… It’s hard to say. Things are getting kind of hectic around here. Anyway… My point is… I really need to use the bathroom.

    • Sorry, I was out. Bathroom’s been free the whole time.

      Hope you’ve keeping everyone entertained, Alan. I was counting on you.

      (yawn) I’m sleepy – party on and let yourselves out. Or I’ll see you in the am.

  • Thanks, everyone for dropping by.

    Stay, go, fall asleep on the sofa…I’m off for a day of culture: movies, museums, dinner, but will be back this evening.

    Mingle amongst yourselves, here or at each other’s sites!

  • G says:

    Thank you kind lady for the invite.

    While in the real world I loathe the idea of parties and get togethers (matter of fact, doing my one yearly family get together), I don’t mind doing it here in the Cyber World.

    In the Cyber World, you don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable or out of place, or worrying about saying the wrong thing. You just read what other people are saying and go from there.

    That being said and since I’m the non-drinking type, how about passing that tray of appetizers around this way?

  • hooplamedia says:

    Thanks!! Will be mingling soon!! Awesome idea.

  • spamwarrior says:

    I’m so glad to be invited! Is there any chocolate? Any chicken pot pie? Any tilapia? *throws out list of random food*

  • Pat Bertram says:

    Late to the party as usual. And I never quite know what to do once I get there. So I’ll do what I always do — hover around the edges of the group and listen in while you talk. I’m not shy, nor am I loud and obnoxious. Does that make me . . . just right? Nah. Can’t be. I will have a margarita, though. No salt. I was going to say something pithy like “I’m salty enough,” but even I couldn’t swallow that!

  • Hi Pamela! I’m honored to be invited and to see so many friends listed and so many soon to be friends as well. I do find it interesting that many of your guests as well as yourself are sensitive or shy. I’m neither. If anything, I’m loud and obnoxious. Now Pamela, come out of the bathroom!

  • Thanks to the invite PV, now pass me the limes.

  • calliopespen says:

    Oohhh…love this kind of party! I don’t even have to get dressed up :) Will be mingling over the weekend. Thank you for the invitation, oh hostess extraordinaire. Now please come out of the bathroom :)

  • Neil Reid says:

    How I met my father.
    I once met a man and his friend, and the way they spoke, revealing not so much who they were by line and shade, but rather just the way their sight entered the world, including me, as a filtered light might invoke all the visions outside through shards of light seeking old barn boards, then dusty ground. But that’s saying too much if you weren’t there. This much was clear no matter the name, unabridged regard for all they saw, especially the one – a granting of beingness, some might say. I thought it was my father I saw. Did I look just like him? And I knew no matter what he did – write, write poems, say anything, or even dig ditches, simple as that – whatever it was, more of him I wanted to drink.
    Have you ever met your kin that way?
    What story to begin? Some true, some just imagining. We are just threads, he said to me. And one beginning does not know the end ahead, but there is a faithfulness, a stride to adopt. Neither do I have or hold any truth, but one seed and the field is wide and full, not about me but the one who dreams me here.
    Friend, is that you?
    What to offer? What’s this in my hand? Is it us?

    And I know I say too much too easily.

    And I hate parties too! No, that’s my lie. I just hate being me, being shy. So there’s the point. Someone wise once said, there’s a reason why our eyes look outward rather than in!

    Do it well, or not – participate. Another choice?

  • marstead says:

    This is so nice… I tried to think of a favorite phrase to describe it: “predawn darkness” (maybe) “scantily clad” (intriguing, but no) “if that’s your idea of a good time” (getting warmer) and then it came to me: “simple yet elegant.”

    Thank you, Pamela Villars. I’m off to visit now…

  • drtombibey says:

    As someone said about FaceBook, the world of WordPress is but a giant cocktail party and all the coolest people are on the invitation list.

    Dr. B

  • Linda says:

    Why, thank you for inviting me to this party. Mostly new faces to me, but I’m working my way through the crowd.

  • I love parties!

    Wait a minute. No I don’t. But that’s okay, because I sense that I can slip away any time I want, which is really the best sort of party. And the margaritas help, too, of course. Really, I’m honored to be included. I am something of a HSP also, and I just don’t do well socially. This is likely the best forum in which to be introduced to people, since they can’t see me twitching and counting things.

    So, as the weekend progresses I shall mingle. Perhaps I’ll even try to post something interesting, so people won’t look nervously away from my blog, wondering how they’ll escape.


  • john says:

    Am honored Pamela. Thank you for the invitation and margaritas!

  • ralfast says:

    She had one too many margaritas? Of course now that the bathroom door is closed a line is starting to form. Typical.

    Well, since I don’t drink, I’ll take another stab at the chili con carne. And yes, I’ll take you home, I’m also the designated driver.

    Le sigh!


  • DOMINO says:

    I’ve read that “Highly Sensitive Person” book. My Mom is one of you.

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