July 8, 2009 § 10 Comments

imagesCAA31FJ2I participated in a Myers-Briggs workshop today, in preparation for a new work project. To illustrate the difference between Sensing and Intuition, we were asked to take three minutes to write something, anything about a snowman.


Especially since Austin is hitting 104 today and 105 is projected tomorrow, a continuation of the heat wave I described several weeks ago. (Can I admit my acceptance is wearing out? One week of the Sahara heat is challenging and builds strength; two is tiresome. Three will move me into pissed-off-dom big time.)

Here’s to winter fantasies.


Glistening, melting, fragile,
a mix of stone and God’s tears,
our charcoal-hatted sentry watchman
guards the gate.

No one knows the courage
it takes the carrot
to freeze its roots,
to become the facial sentry.

No lifted sword, no fire
from the corncob pipe will
fell this figure; its only
enemy is the sun.

UPDATE: I noticed a repeated word and had to make a change. So much for three minutes.


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