deTwitterfying or what?

February 24, 2009 § 5 Comments

stockxpertcom_id705679_size1I did it to myself, I know. I spent this past year learning about how to use social media (or at least experimenting with it) in order to increase my writing skills and visibility. I’m Facebooked, Twittered, LinkedIn and Inked In. The bottom of my information pyramid is print media (magazines) and email.

I like Facebook and have connected with old friends and made new ones there; they also have an application – Networked Blogs – that provides an automatic feed from my blog into my profile page and makes it accessible on its own network for others who are searching. This one I’ll keep.

Twitter’s fun; I can follow my two not-so-secret crushes (Dr. Drew and Cesar Millan) and other random friends and family. But after I decided to follow a popular literary agent and Writer’s Digest, I’m being stalked by writing coaches who offer services; not something I had planned on or wanted. I don’t mean to single them out, though – my other stalkers include dog trainers and political campaigns. So I’m considering modifying my Twitterhood and sticking to non-professional interests.

LinkedIn is my least active site, but I’ll keep it just to have a work presence and to give other people references; Inked In is good for late night conversations with other insomniac creative-types and I’ll drop in occasionally.  

But the time has come to reach some decisions: Today I received the same information via Twitter and email from Writer’s Digest. Enough is enough. Unless you want me to post it here for you on my blog…

Oh, yes, my blog. More social media – but at least I own it.

Is it all too much for you, too?

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§ 5 Responses to deTwitterfying or what?

  • DOMINO says:

    They can talk amongst themselves. I’m too busy writing poems.

  • DOMINO says:

    Facebook was frivolous. Twitter was devoid of meaning. Linked In was dead on arrival.

    I’m happiest with the blog.

  • Linda says:

    Wow, I’m far behind you. I signed up at Facebook sometime ago and then forgot all about it. Networked blogs? I’ll have to check that out. I’ve already decided against Twitter and haven’t heard of the others. I do like blogging, though at times I feel like I’m spending too much time on it. I understand the need for social networking in the business though, I just need to learn what benefits me most.

    • Linda, really that’s exactly what I’ve been doing (seeing what benefits me) and I do feel a bit overwhelmed. I want it all to be fun and not an obligation. With Facebook and Twitter, I can keep up with my nieces and nephews, and my daughter. :-) The Networked Blogs is a nice bonus. Of course, I’m not saying anything different than the professional social media folks: find your niche and enjoy it. Sounds like blogging may be that for you.

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