A Very Good Dream

February 14, 2009 § 3 Comments

spotlightLast night I had a good dream, a very good dream. I dreamed my college theatre teacher, Bill Driver, told me I had done a deeply nuanced and complex performance. I replied that he was wrong, that it was nothing, but he persisted. I had to accept his feedback and, as I woke multiple times during the night, forced myself to remember what he had said. 

People tend to have several repetitive dreams during their lifetimes. Mine are about performing and being back at college (a school dream is quite common; you may have had one about being back in college or high school, being unable to perform your tasks, or in the corridor naked from the waist up – there are infinite variations) and I can measure my unconscious level of stress or confidence by their content.  So, I’ve been pleased over the past few years when I’ve found a classroom or my mailbox on my college campus or – even better – realized that I had already graduated and didn’t have to be there; likewise, I’ve dreamed that – instead of not knowing my lines and panicking in front of an audience – I’ve aced the part and sung in soaring voice.  

So, having my very British and critical drama professor tell me, albeit in a dream, that I’m doing well is heartening. 

I wonder if others take heart and hope from their dreams and/or have ones that are a barometer of inner strength. What are your repeating dreams and do you look for their meaning?


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§ 3 Responses to A Very Good Dream

  • Linda says:

    My most often repeated dream is of being in a room with demonic spirits and trying frantically to exorcise them. I wrote about this on my blog because in the wee hours on Christmas Day this nightmare changed for me. This time, I was in contol and I interpreted this to be an indication of a new sense of personal empowerment.


    Thanks for dropping by – you can interpret my dreams any time.


  • pochp says:

    I haven’t had a repeating dream for a long while and I wish I’d have it again because I treat it as a puzzle.
    I’m just glad that yours is positive.

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