Telling All with No Excuses

December 23, 2008 § Leave a comment

stop_making_excusesA year ago, as I began writing, I started a piece about a traumatic period in my life, a time experienced with someone I love. It was difficult to write and cathartic and I stalled as I neared the end.

My excuse? I spoke with my loved one and he vehemently opposed the public telling of our shared story.

Although I offered to use a pseudonym, I knew the outing of our tale needed to be mutual – our relationship depended on it – and so I stopped the writing. With some relief. For I had reached the point where it needed an ending and I had no resolution.

The other (unspoken) issue was mine – my feelings – for the writing had stirred me up. Every time I sat down to write, I felt twinges and tugs in my healing scars. Writing about it hurt. I stopped, happy to focus the blame elsewhere.

Last week, we spoke about it again and now I have his permission, as well as a new perspective on our experience. For he shared about those times and his point of view, so different than mine.

Time to face it again.  No more excuses.


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