Inheriting an Addiction to Words

December 17, 2008 § 15 Comments

imagesI am one of those people who kvetches about their parents.

Until a few years ago, I loved to complain about my dad’s relentless desire to beat proper word usage into his daughters (there are three of us). But as I’ve aged – and let’s not even talk about how I’m sounding more and more like my mother – I’ve become like him: addicted to the sweetness of accurate language.

My name is Pamela and I am a grammar whore (definitions #1 and #3).

I snarkily comment – mentally- when I see misused words, poor punctuation, and its instead of it’s.

So it’s been thrilling to find huge numbers of blogs run by people more serious, educated and snarky than me, dedicated to teaching us how to accurately use the written word.

Of course, since I began perusing them, it takes me three times longer to edit – I’m obsessed with looking for errors or enhancements. But that’s the price you pay for addiction: it’s enticing, scary and exhilarating.

If you’d care to join me, here are a few sites I’ve been mainlining:

Be careful. It’s easy to get hooked.

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§ 15 Responses to Inheriting an Addiction to Words

  • fishclamor says:

    oh yeah, it is definitely a thrilling addiction–to get to the point where you know why you’re using every single word–why you’re breaking what rules–and knowing them perfectly well…

    when writing comes like breathing, that “tastes like chocolate” (as you say) too. and it’s such an incredibly powerful feeling to know you’re doing it right, that you know you know what you’re doing and why.

    and grammar of course is huge!

    now i’m going to look for YOUR flash fiction.

  • beeha says:

    “So it’s been thrilling to find huge numbers of blogs run by people more serious, educated and snarky than me, dedicated to teaching us how to accurately use the written word.” — at one point in time, that “me” you use would have been and “I.” Yup…all that nomminative case/objective case stuff. Always gave me problems. Maybe I’m wrong now, 2.

    Oh, What a WONDERFUL and VIGOROUS post, pamelavillars. My cousin, a professor of communications, at university, is just now starting to loosen up — never in class – but w/me! — her silly favorite cuz (and she mine).

    but U know my Word on all of this. Learn it and forget it — if u wish. Not for work or funerals or … what-have-you, but for fun…and for Art.

    Mark Twain, William Carlos Williams, Walt Whitman, Edgar Allan Poe … 2 name a few.

    And DOMINO … halleluya (there-I-go-again) to U!

    You’re (as in – you are, hee hee) the greatest, Pamela…to borrow a phrase from Jackie…Gleason, that is.

    Spread the Word and the Word is Love.

  • DOMINO says:

    Unleash the hounds. It’s inevitable anyway!

  • DOMINO says:

    Oh piss on it. Why am I trying to be nice? That’s not what I really think. What I really think is that a person’s worth should never be evaluated by, or viewed as less significant than a spelling error or a deadline.

    Yep. There ya have it.

  • DOMINO says:

    That was snarky. It slipped out. I just feel bad for people that don’t have jobs.

  • DOMINO says:

    How dare ANYONE be less than perfect! The NERVE!

  • vbdb says:

    it’s/its, insure/ensure, the pronunciation of the word “coupon”, any use of the word “commentator” – all these and more have the ability to distract me from content and meaning. I’ve been known to disqualify job applicants on the basis of typos and grammar errors. If they can’t do it correctly when they have all the time in the world, what can be expected of them on a deadline?!

    It was balm to my grammar slut soul to read this post and dream of the subjunctive! Would that all were of like mind!

  • DOMINO says:

    I only found out yesterday!

  • DOMINO says:

    I just wanted to mention to you, Pamela — you can go into “My Account” and “Edit Profile” so that when you leave a comment people can click to link to your blog.

  • DOMINO says:

    Oh yesss, I love grammar like a b**** in black leather boots.

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