Critique and Lies

December 10, 2008 § 5 Comments

misssnark3   How do we know if what we write is working? Friends, family, even writing groups offer praise and encouragement. I love it. Give me all the praise and encouragement you want, tell me I am brilliant, I’ll roll in it like a dog in fresh poop.

And yes, it feels good, it’s great for immediate gratification, but it doesn’t make me a better writer.

So, I’m thrilled to offer you a glimpse into Miss Snark’s First Victim, where Authoress has created a community of readers and writers who take the act of critiquing seriously. They’re respectful, thoughtful and honest.

Kudos to you, Authoress.

Miss Snark would be proud.


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§ 5 Responses to Critique and Lies

  • beeha says:

    Well Ms. Musings from the Newly Hatched, I am sure glad you cracked through the egg.

    I have just added my 2-cents to “First Victim,” on Miss Snark’s site. How wonderful. Thank you for including.

    And thank you for all. I have read many, if not all, your posts…and I must say, for a little hatchling you are amazing, indeed.

    Best, until next time —


    • Pamela Villars says:

      Thanks, beeha! It’s a pleasure browsing your site, too. I think there’s a book in your new version of The Vagina Monologues. :-)

  • drtombibey says:

    When nothing else works I get my mama to read mine. It never fails; she always loves me.

    • Pamela Villars says:

      I have to agree, although I wouldn’t choose my mom. But my sisters never fail me!

      It is important to have that balance of encouragement and honesty – and in that order. I never would have started or continued without the encouragement first.

  • pochp says:

    Great idea.

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