Doris sits under the tree and cries…

November 30, 2008 § Leave a comment

016-belateHoliday greeting from my writing archives. Enjoy!



Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, Kwanza, Solstice, New Year’s and Ground Hog Day!


(I hope I didn’t leave anyone out, very sorry if I did – please let me know and I will correct and resend this email, even though it might make it even later, OK?)


I’m sorry I’m sending this so late, but that ole bear of procrastination just won’t stop running this family. By the way, before you ask for presents, I plan to mail them by the end of the month, really. And last year’s, too. And, mom, Doris’s graduation photos will be in the same package. The alternative school still has the diploma though, and I have a meeting set with them next week to find out why.


What’s new with us? Well, I’m starting my fourth job for this year and really liking it. My boss doesn’t mind the short hair (the burn is really healing well) and he has me working night shift cleaning because he says I’m doing such a great job.


Doris is still working at the ice cream parlor and they’ve given her a third shift, so she is working almost 2 days a week now! She’s pretty excited because they stopped her from closing the store (the money always seemed to be off). It means she gets home way before 2am and she has plenty of time to sleep and fight the depression. Yay!


We’re making plans for this spring, and hope to make it to Disney World. Doris’s dad says he’ll loan us the money, as long as he can get out of jail in time. Knock on wood!


All of you are invited to visit, as usual. Please don’t keep us waiting like you did last year. Your presents are still under the tree (yes, my bad) but you could have come to pick them up, you know. Doris still sits by the tree sometimes and cries, but that’s our little girl.


Happy holidays, I mean spring,


Your cousin,




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