It’s the Sun Again

November 22, 2008 § Leave a comment

sparrow On a gloomy Saturday morning, I am again illuminated by a voice from The Sun.

“If you believe that you’re going to move into the ghetto and change the world, you’re going to end up either a pessimist or a cynic. But if you understand your limited power and define yourself by your ability to resist injustice, rather than what you accomplish, then I think reality is much easier to bear.”

This from Moral Combat, an interview of Chris Hedges, author and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, in which he describes the fruitlessness of believing we can see the change we want immediately. Instead he says that we must believe in the striving itself, accept the anxiety of not knowing if we are succeeding, and understand that resistance brings spiritual strength.

Sparrow, the most liberating Presidential candidate I’ve run across, follows. You’ll enjoy one of his campaign platforms: that men should not be allowed to vote for the next 28 elections, as women weren’t initially, to create true gender equality in the US (which, by the way he says should be divvied up into 50 different countries, leaving this land finally harmless to others). His slogan? “I should not be allowed to vote!”

Both of them, and The Sun (December 2009), make reality easier to bear.


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